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Dog anti-vaxer outrage

Vaccines given to dogs are making them ill, a pet charity claimed yesterday. Profit-hungry drug companies and vets are 'frightening' dog owners into inoculating their...

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Depressed dog makes comeback!

Depressed dog makes comeback

An abandoned dog diagnosed with clinical depression has been nursed back to health - thanks to a course of acupuncture. Amber, a six-year-old mastiff cross,...
A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

A slogan is for life, not just for Christmas. The good ones are, at any rate, and there are few more memorable maxims than that...
World witnesses 11 stone Bullmastiff

World witnesses 11 stone Bullmastiff

Veterinary nurse Sue Bartlett with Mizzy the bullmastiff, who weighs in at more than 11 stone. (PDSA/PA) 19 June 2013 An 11-stone bullmastiff dog has become...

Free Dog Poo Bags!

Dog owners having been snapping up free dog poo bags in a Swansea community determined to rid itself of mess. A Swansea Post Office has...

Bag it, Bin it

Civil enforcement officer holds new dont stand for it campaign poster as Titch the dog looks on. An extra 21 council officers are set to...

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7ft 4 dog breaks records