Dog profiles popping up more frequently on social medias

It often seems like cats are the internet’s favourite pet, but it appears that dogs are trying to increase their own popularity by setting up social networking profiles.

Research conducted by Yummy Pets shows that dogs are more likely than cats to have their social media presence on websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yummy Pets, a new social network for pet owners has 150,000 members to date.

The number of websites and mobile phone apps for pet owners and their furry friends has increased rapidly over recent years and businesses appear to be cashing in on the cat and dog craze.

14pc of dog owners have set up a Facebook page for their pet while 6pc own a Twitter account.

UK research suggests that one in 10 of all UK pets have their own online account.

Celebrities are often quick to join in with the craze, Andy Murray’s border terrier, Maggie May has 23,000 followers on Twitter.

While these websites require the pet owners to update followers of the cat or dog’s antics, sites designed specifically for pet use are also on the rise, enabling pets to play games by tapping touch screens with their paws.