Dog Rescued From Mountain Ledge After 10 Days

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A spaniel is the miracle of the mountains after surviving on a tiny ledge 2,000ft high for 10 days without food or water.

Sutty, a 14-year-old King Charles-type cross breed, also saved his owner’s life by barking and attracting attention when he fell 600ft in Snowdonia.

The 60-year-old man from Wolverhampton was unconscious for some time and has now been transferred to a West Midlands hospital.

Sutty scampered away when he heard an RAF rescue helicopter and the prospect of finding him looked bleak.

But he was found on Saturday evening sheltering on a ledge by climbers who were drawn to his whimpering.

Rob Shepherd, a member of Llanberis mountain rescue team, made a difficult ascent on steep and broken ground to reach Sutty.

His girlfriend Sian Williams lowered the dog to safety in her rucksack.

Chris Lloyd of the Ogwen Valley mountain rescue team, who went to the scene, said: “As soon as the dog was found we telephoned the owner’s daughter. She was delighted and came over immediately with her husband from Wolverhampton.

“Sutty is in remarkable condition. As well as having to survive with nothing to eat or drink, the dog would have also had to contend with the heat.

“It’s fantastic – a real good news story from the mountains.”

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