Family dog injured by ‘boy racers’

A family want drivers to slow down in Trelewis after their dog was hit by ‘boy racers’

dog Milly was left injured by a car

A family want to see a clampdown on speeding in a village park after their dog was hit by a car and seriously injured.

Maria Grimshaw and her husband Nigel were out walking Milly, a five-year-old Weimaraner, in Trelewis when the accident happened.

But Mrs Grimshaw said it’s not a one-off, and that if something is not done about boy racers in the car park then “a child could be hit next”.

Milly was hit by the driver at around 8.45pm on Sunday evening at Taff Bargoed Park.

Mrs Grimshaw, who lives on Edwards Terrace, said: “The youngsters race around the car park every weekend playing loud music.

“On Sunday, when Milly was hit, they were racing down the pavement too, which is so dangerous.

“It could have easily been a child getting hit.

“It’s been a problem for years and nothing has been done about it.

“My dog was in a critical condition at first but hopefully she will make a full recovery.

“She’s had a bleed in her liver and damaged her lungs.

“She was kept in at the vets overnight on Sunday.

“It’s happening all weekend, every weekend in the evenings. The cars are congregating there and it’s so dangerous because families are out walking.

“I’ve reported it to the police and the council.

“I want to warn people about this if they are at the park on weekends.”

Talking about the accident, Mrs Grimshaw added: “The car was coming towards us and Milly ran over to see my neighbour’s dog, who was also being walked.

“I shouted to the driver to slow down but he just went faster and then hit her.

“My husband was very angry.

“The driver was apologetic, but we saw him later speeding again.”

A spokesman from South Wales Police said: “The incident was reported to us on Sunday and we can confirm it is being investigated.

“Anyone who may have seen what happened is urged to contact us.

“We have had reports of nuisance behaviour in the past, but nothing recently.

“Our neighbourhood policing team is committed to tackling the issues that matter most to the community, and they hold monthly PACT meetings where people can raise their concerns.

“The next one is on Monday, July 22, at Trelewis Community Centre at 6pm.

“Police officers can be contacted directly at any time. Their details are published on the force’s website ( or people can call 101.

“In the meantime, patrols will be increased in that area, and people are urged to immediately report any further incidents.”

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