Free Dog Poo Bags!

Dog owners having been snapping up free dog poo bags in a Swansea community determined to rid itself of mess.

A Swansea Post Office has handed out more than 1,000 dog poo bags to pet owners in the past month.

Cleaning up Loughor Post Office boss Gary Buckland with his dog Bonnie.

Gary Buckland and his wife Christine, who run the local Post Office in Lower Loughor, have got behind a local clean up campaign to reduce the amount of litter and dog fouling in community.

They agreed to help by setting up a pick-up point for the special bags which pet owners can take away free and use when they are walking their dogs.

The campaign has been launched by Swansea Council, along with Friends of Parc Williams and Llwchwr Town Council.

Gary and Christine are the owners of a Belgian shepherd-collie cross called Bonnie, and they say they always do the right thing and clean up after their pet.

Gary said: “At the post office we’re very keen to support the local community with recycling and dealing with litter and dog mess, that’s why we’re really happy to stock all the bags that we do.

“People can come in anytime we’re open to pick up recycling bags and now they can call in and get bags to help clean up when they’re walking their dog.

“Since we’ve started to stock the bags we have handed out more than 1,000. It makes you wonder what people did before. Hopefully, it’s having a positive impact on the dog fouling problem in our own community.”

June Burtonshaw, cabinet member for place in Swansea Council, said: “The residents and businesses are really getting behind the campaign and as a result they are improving the cleanliness of their community. Dog fouling is something that we are keen to stop either by educating dog owners or by enforcement. We would much rather dog owners did the right thing and cleaned up after them. If they don’t, then they could end up receiving a fixed penalty if they are caught by one of our litter enforcement officers.”

Eileen Bartlett, Secretary of the Friends of Parc Williams, said: “I’m so pleased with the response from local people in our community. We asked the council to help us clean up Loughor. They have provided dog poo bags and equipment for litter pick events. Residents have rolled up their sleeves and got really involved and we are seeing the benefits in the community.”