Lifeguards rescue dogs in miracle mission

Lifeguards from St Ives got a little more than they bargained for when they paddled out through the surf at Porthmeor to rescue a kayaker in trouble.

RNLI lifeguards Jack Hill and Adam Bayfield were just setting up for their day’s beach patrol at 9.45am on Monday when they got a call.

Volunteers at the National Coastwatch Institute based on the Island in St Ives asked them to look out for a man who kept falling off his kayak.

Just as they took the call the vessel came into sight around the point so they paddled out on rescue boards to investigate.

When they arrived they found the kayak had capsized but the struggling kayaker was not alone in the water – he was accompanied by his pet dog.

Jack and Adam were able to help Milly the springer spaniel on top of the upside down boat and then pull her in with Milly’s owner holding on to the back.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “Once on shore it transpired that the gentleman had forgotten to put the bung in the kayak which meant it was taking on water and subsequently flipped over.

“He was extremely grateful for the lifeguard’s assistance and described the experience as a good learning curve. Once the bung was in place and the lifeguards helped empty out the water, he and Milly set off again on the kayak.”