Miracle dog saved by a bleating sheep

A DOG that fell off a 500 foot and was believed to be dead for two days was miraculously rescued alive and well thanks to a sheep in Dorset.

Lucky-dog-Dobby-with-her-owner-Holly-Chugg-Jones-PIC-BNPS-co-uk- Lucky dog Dobby with her owner Holly Chugg Jones (PIC: BNPS.co.uk)

Pet owners Holly Chugg Jones and Julian Light found no sign of their beloved dog Dobby after she fell off the edge of a clip near West Bay.

The couple went home without her and gave up hope of finding the black Labrador cross alive, until two days later she was spotted by a lifeboat crew.

The rescuers found the one-year-old dog after responding to reports of a woman calling for help which turned out to be sheep bleating who found the pup.

Ms Chugg Jones, an education student at Bath Spa University, said: “Words can’t describe the relief we felt, it was incredible.

“We jumped straight in the car and returned to the coast to get her.”

A winchman retrieved Dobby who gave her rescuer a lick after before she was reunited with her delighted owners.

Despite plummeting 250ft and not receiving food or water for two days, the dog is in good health and is back home in Bristol.

dog, rescue, miracle, fall, 500 foot, cliff, alive, well, Dobby, Labrador Holly Chugg JonesA diagram of the cliff and the steep drop lucky dog Dobby fell off (PIC: BNPS.co.uk)

Words can’t describe the relief we felt, it was incredible

Owner Holly Chugg Jones

Speaking of the moment her pet disappeared, Ms Chugg Jones said: “The coastguard were there within 15 minutes but it was getting dark and so we had to go back to the campsite although I didn’t want to leave.

“I didn’t sleep a wink, I was so upset. The next morning the search started again but there was nothing we could do but sit in our car and watch.

“It was awful. I kept imagining Dobby dead in a ditch or washed out to sea.”

Mark Collins, the West Bay coastguard station manager, said Dobby seemed happy and very pleased to see her rescuers when they discovered her.

He said: “She came bounding up to our cliffman and gave him a big lick on the face.

“She is one lucky dog. It is great this story had a happy ending.”

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