Puppy gets cpr

A PUPPY was brought back to life by its quick-thinking owner who resuscitated it after a bee stung its mouth.

Lola, a seven-month-old Boxer pup, had been playing in the garden on Sunday afternoon when a bee became trapped in her mouth and stung her Owner Emma Harris, from Tamerton Foliot, said Lola seemed okay at first but she then became woozy.

Lola vomited and then her eyes started to roll, before she collapsed to the ground in a heap.

Emma, aged 20, described how she couldn’t find a pulse and her parents, Tammy and Ian, thought there was no hope for her.

Emma, a nursery assistant, said: “She seemed fine and then five minutes later she was sick. After she collapsed and we couldn’t feel a pulse, my Dad was shouting ‘She’s gone, she’s gone!’.

“My mum was a mess and my dad didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what came over me but I jumped on top of her and started to pump her heart with my fists to give her CPR.

“I was pumping for a good couple of minutes. My dad said she opened her eyes and started breathing again. My mum was on the phone to the vet and he said to get her to them as soon as we could.”

The Harris’ neighbour, Jim Ness, a retired nurse, had climbed over the fence to assist with the resuscitation. Emma said he helped to make sure she kept going.

She said: “Jim helped me to keep calm and held Lola’s head for me while I pressed on her chest. When she started to breath again he told me to take a rest – I had just given 60 compressions in a row and he said I might have to give her more.”

Staff at the Veterinary Hospital in Estover checked Lola over and gave her some tablets but said she was okay to go home.

“The vet gave her some steroids and she was a little drowsy for the rest of the day. But on Monday, she was as right as rain. The vet said I should be very proud of how I acted,” said Emma.

Emma, who works at Curious Kittens Nursery at City College in Devonport, said it was having First Aid training that allowed her to react so quickly.

“If I hadn’t taken part in that First Aid course for work I wouldn’t have known what to do,” she confessed.

“I am quite proud of myself for it. She’s my pet and she’s only young. We had only just lost a dog in June – another Boxer called Stella – so it would have been horrible to lose Lola so quickly.”

Grandmother Shirley Ball, 66, said she was “really proud” of her granddaughter’s quickthinking.

She said: “Her mother told me how Emma just said for them to go away and let her get on with it. The circumstances could have been very different if she hadn’t acted. I’m just so proud of her right now.”