Sniffer dog trained to detect bodies underwater

A sniffer dog has become the first in UK to be specially trained to search for bodies underwater, media reports revealed. Sasha, a three-year-old border collie, uses her incredible sense of smell to locate drowned victims from 100 ft away. She will be using her skills to help Bolton Mountain Rescue, in Greater Manchester.

Handler Dave Marsh, 62, has spent the last 12 months teaching her to become a Drowned Victim Search Dog. Dave, who has worked as a volunteer member of the team for 28 years, was given Sasha at just seven months old by a dog expert, Neil Powell, from Northern Ireland, who spotted her potential for sniffing things out.

But due to her remarkable progress, Marsh has found himself in ‘deep water’ with his dog — teaching her the art of finding victims under water.

Just two weeks before the wonder dog completed her first successful staged mission from a boat, detecting her “victim” from 100ft away.