The History Of The Domestic Dog

She argues that if scientists genetically engineered one cow weighing 20 lbs at adulthood and another weighing 2,000 lbs then the same thing could happen in cows.

Nobody knows where the seven dog years to one human year theory came from or at least no-one is claiming responsibility for it. It first appeared in maths text books in the 1960s and questions were set asking children to calculate the age of a dog using the 7:1 ratio.

For the dog species as a whole it’s not a bad estimate at all.

If you factor in the varying rates of ageing in early part of a dog’s life and the differing life expectancies a more accurate estimate across all breeds would be six dogs years to one human year.

However if you look at opposing ends of the spectrum a Bulldog will age an average of 13 years per human year whereas for a Miniature Dachshund it’s just over four years.

And Meg, my Westie? She was not 135 but 109 when she passed away, the calculator suggests – ancient in human terms, but not unheard of. I think she’d have settled for that.